How can I know what type of leather my Pikolinos are made of?

The feel and colour are very important aspects in identifying the type of leather. It is possible to identify the type of leather used in your Pikolinos by simply noting the pore, colour, shine and feel of the leather.

Most of the products in our collections are made of grain leather with an autoshine treatment, but many of our models have undergone other leather treatments. It is advisable to check the LEATHER IDENTIFICATION TOOL to verify the type of leather that your Pikolinos are made of.

If the feel is soft and shiny, then the shoes are most likely made of grain leather with an autoshine finish.

If the feel is fuzzy, then the material is split-suede, nubuck or suede and the leather will require special cleaning and care.

If the feel is very soft and flexible, and the leather has a whitish effect or special prints, then the finish is Detroit, Print or Kerala. They require very simple care, although it is important to store the shoes properly from one season to the next in order to keep the shape from deforming.

What if my Pikolinos are made of more than one type of leather?

When cleaning your shoes, first check the type of leather. Some parts may contain different leathers, fabrics, laces or metal details, so be careful when cleaning your shoes. Clean each material properly to keep your Pikolinos looking brand new.

How should I store my Pikolinos from one season to the next?

The most important aspect is to clean your Pikolinos properly before storing them. Remove any excess dirt and then apply a nourishing treatment as per the steps specified in the Pikolinos cleaning and care instructions.

Lastly, protect footwear between seasons by placing a shoe tree inside. If you do not own a shoe tree, simply place newspaper inside each shoe to maintain its shape and keep it in perfect condition.

Where can I buy Pikolinos cleaning products?

Pikolinos care and cleaning products are available at Pikolinos shops and our online store.

The nourishing creams are made at our Production Centre using the same products and dyes that are applied to the original leathers. As a result, when caring for your Pikolinos shoes at home, you can obtain the same finish and shine so they look brand new.

What should I do if my Pikolinos shoes get wet?

If your Pikolinos shoes get wet, avoid exposing them to direct heat since this could stiffen and ruin the leather. It is advisable to place them in a shaded and dry location to dry out. We recommend placing newspaper inside to absorb the moisture, and once the shoes are completely dry, apply Pikolinos cleaning and care products to nourish them well.


Search for the reference number of your Pikolinos model to obtain specific cleaning information.

Enter the complete reference number located on the Pikolinos shoe box.