Leather is the main focus of our collections. A Pikolinos shoe is defined by the quality with which it is made: comfortable, resistant, unique, with handcrafted finishes, and above all, Naturally Good.

We use top-quality cow hide leather and only natural treatments.

At the Pikolinos Group’s tannery, which is located in the Alicante province, our leathers undergo a tumbling process. This system applies heat to the leathers and keeps them moving so they rub against each other to break the fibres for a soft and manageable texture.

To create the colours that define Pikolinos products, we apply natural water-based dyes that are solvent-free in order to preserve the leather’s original essence.

The natural drying process is also important. The leathers are hung to dry at room temperature so the right tones are obtained with the time that is needed.

Once the leather is ready, it is packaged and sent to our Production Centre, where it is cut to create the various Pikolinos designs.

Once each model is assembled, the leather is treated with natural waxes and then brushed for that unique shine that is characteristic of all our products.