Pikolinos primarily uses cow hide leather, but we sometimes use sheepskin for certain details and also combine different types of leathers, depending on the product’s design.

Pies Cuadrados is the company within the Pikolinos Group that handles the tanning and treatment of the leathers used by our brand. The leather specialists at our tannery work hard to create unique finishes that result in extremely soft leathers in bright and lively colours using natural dyes that are environmentally friendly.


Pies Cuadrados


The most common Pikolinos leather finish is autoshine. This manual treatment is very special because natural waxes are applied to grain leather using brushes. This brushing results in a shine that gives each pair of shoes a unique look.

Split-suede is used for shoe interiors, and this fuzzy finish with a somewhat textured appearance provides many of our designs with strength and style.

Print, Detroit and Kerala are special finishes consisting of leather treatments that undergo intense tumbling followed by waxes for a whitish effect that darkens with brushing.

Some of the models in the summer collection are made of tumbled leather, which is very soft and flexible because the fibres are broken down in special drums that rub the leathers together to create this effect.